the Creators

This project came from us, a bunch of queer and trans folks who lived in Houston, Texas together in a big grey house in the gayborhood in 2010. We noticed a need for gender education all around us -- when a boyfriend had to pay out of pocket while educating his therapist about gender stuff or when our friends didn’t know how to start conversations with their families -- and we would say, “Shouldn’t there be a quick and simple gender 101 read you could hand her and say, ‘See you next week’?” Turns out, after much googling, that didn’t exist yet. We realized this house full of artists and community organizers could make our gender 101, and so we did. Thanks for reading!


 meet the creators!

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hunter rook

(formerly known as Mel Reiff Hill) makes pictures (among other things). They have an art degree from Rice University, and do all web design, graphics, and art for the GENDER book Project in between freelance web and graphic design jobs. Hunter also works on the book's content, words, and vision. Follow their work at rowdyferret.com


Jay Mays

received a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing from the University of Houston in 2002 and has stayed engaged as a community organizer. Jay is usually elbow-deep in at least one safe-space-building project or another, including writing and performing, producing community-sponsored radio, educating about healthy sexuality, advocating for access to health care, and creating teams to support LGBTQ community spaces. As co-author and chief editor for the GENDER book, Jay can’t wait to use this new tool with communities everywhere!


Robin Mack

Robin Mack has been managing lots of colorful hats in the project such as: marketing, community involvement, wellness coach, and drag performer. Robin also is a full time Massage Therapist and Yoga instructor for all communities.


Plus lots of help from a big, beautiful community!

volunteers helped us crowdfund our first printing, answered over 300 surveys to help research the book’s true stories, and continue to hit the pavement spreading the good word of gender education and helping with our translation efforts. This truly has been a project of, by, and for the gender diverse communities. Thank you!


Psst...! Did you know

all the creators are also skilled public speakers?

We would love to talk to your class, office, or group about gender!
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the real-life Boston

Inspiration and booklet writer, Boston Davis Bostian is a poet/writer who received an undergraduate creative writing degree from the University of Houston. He was a founding creator, and though he's since moved on to other projects like genderpedia.net and Define:Transition, he's a huge supporter and continues to inspire the main character.